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Deepika is a mind & life coach, a motivational speaker, and an author today, but her journey has indeed been inspirational and is worth a mention. She has been a homemaker for ten long years. While juggling between her home and children and tired of complaining about life, she forgot to unveil her true identity and potential.

Finally, Deepika realized that knowing herself better and understanding her needs, and changing her mindset would help her grow in life.


She came across this incredible, life-changing program by Arfeen Khan through a friend, and the program transformed her and her vision towards life. She worked on her limiting beliefs and discovered the impact of her friends and other people she spent her time with, on her. Today she knows how crucial it is for her to accomplish her goals. 

Finally, she decided to take charge of her life. Her perspective changed, and so did the world. Life became fabulous and enjoyable.



Deepika has a strong vision that happiness doesn't come from working on the outside; it comes from in congruence with the inside. She focuses on the inner core change because she firmly believes that's the only way to change your life. She uses a set of tools that cause an inward shift, which brings wholeness to the soul and personality.

Her goal is to help people identify the underlying cause of misalignment and get progress, success, bliss, and contentment in life. Deepika is working towards the direction of service and transformation and impacting millions of lives.


Contact Number:+91 9073699120  (India)

Mail Id:


Monday - Saturday 

 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

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