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This is a story of a girl, Tina, who did not have the confidence to voice her pain. Her low self-esteem did not allow her to stand for herself. She went through physical abuse for years that profoundly impacted her emotional health, relationship, and overall well-being.

I do not have the CourageDeepika Seth Agarwal
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This is a story of a girl, Priya, who lives her life with her limiting beliefs. A large number of us have no idea how these beliefs run in the background of our minds. Our motive in life should be to understand and recognize these negative beliefs and eliminate them. Letting go of these beliefs is the key to a happy and successful life. We should empower our brain with positive views so that we start feeling better about ourselves.

Am I that Bad??Deepika Seth Agarwal
00:00 / 07:17

This is a story of a girl, Pallavi, who is devoid of self-love. It reminds us that affection towards ourselves is essential. Life is always marching forward whether you want it or not, but one has to make time for themselves. Loving yourself is crucial because it builds certainty that you can reach your goals and face any problem that comes your way.

Do I exist finalDeepika Seth Agarwal
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This is a story of a girl Neha, a confident girl who decided to give up everything in life for love. She did not give importance to her financial independence and regretted later. We must remember that financial independence is vital for everyone and when it comes to women it's of paramount importance.

The Wrong DecisionDeepika Seth Agarwal
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This is a story about Radhika who was married to Palash and had a fairy tale life. She never faced a situation where she had to do things independently and was happy to be interdependent. She did not realise that people around her mare her weak and low in confidence.

Can I do It??Deepika Seth Agarwal
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This is story of Aditi who decided to take charge of her life and empower herself. She had identified her priorities and and decided to follow her dreams.

Finally I Made It!!Deepika Seth Agarwal
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